How to Maintain Granite Daily

2019-04-11 15:17:17

Granite mesa is beautiful in appearance and can add value to the home. Most people think that granite is as hard as nails, and so it is. Although granite is a hard, porous natural stone, care is also needed to maintain its beauty and value.


Step 1: Clean the table regularly to avoid dirt accumulation. Do not put anything with gravel on the table. In case there is gravel on the table, remove it in time. 
Step 2: Use natural oil-based cleaners. In addition, synthetic wash pads are used. Do not use products that are too abrasive.
Step 3: Clean up the spills in time. Light-colored granite is easier to dye than dark-colored granite. Food such as coffee, red wine or tomatoes dyes quickly.
Step 4: Seal granite regularly according to manufacturer's instructions. This helps to prevent the contamination of granite countertops by spills.
Step 5: If the granite countertop is coated with epoxy resin in the manufacturing process, avoid putting hot tableware on the countertop surface. Although granite will not be affected, epoxy will be damaged and it is difficult to repair.
Step 6: Do not use amino products, such as rosin or detergent. Avoid using rust removers or acid-based cleaners. Keep ovens and laundry detergents away from granite countertops.

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