How to clean outdoor ground stone daily

2019-04-03 14:58:38

In the daily cleaning of outdoor ground stone, there are several traditional cleaning methods:

1, high-pressure water gun cleaning, using high-pressure water gun cleaning can remove the dust on the stone surface and relatively easy to clean the pollutants, but high-pressure water gun cleaning waste of precious water resources, and when washing spatter, easy to pollute other parts, cleaning is not complete.


2, single brush machine home nylon brush plate cleaning, the use of single brush and nylon brush plate cleaning is the current price than the general cleaning method, the structure of the single brush machine itself is for the light pollution can be cleaned, stone surface pollution is not complete cleaning.

3, chemical cleaning agent cleaning, chemical cleaning agent can clean off the more serious stone pollution, but will cause damage to the flowers, railings and other decorative materials around the stone.If use undeserved also can cause stone material to appear new pathological change, affect stone material to decorate the effect.

4, grinding and comprehensive cleaning, grinding and cleaning is a newly developed method of cleaning the surface of stone materials, it can achieve the effect of thoroughly cleaning the surface of stone materials with other chemical agents.

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