Maintenance methods of marble

2019-03-01 10:39:59

STEP1, timely cleaning for marble floor maintenance, keep the floor clean is the first condition, marble this material characteristics, so that many things fall on the ground will react with the corresponding substances, leading to infiltration into the ceramic tile can not be thoroughly cleaned, which will be irreparable. Especially some natural marble, there will be some cracks, it is easy to infiltrate into the interior. So, once it gets dirty, it should be cleaned immediately.



STEP2, timely repair scratch marble floor maintenance, scratch repair is also a very important aspect, many times, because shoes or other things pull, it is easy to lead to some scratches on the floor, which is very taboo for marble floor, which will affect the smoothness of ceramic tiles, at this time, you can use floor wax to smear small scratches. On the other hand, repeated wiping with softer cloth can play a very good repair role.


STEP3. Attention should be paid to avoid the falling of hard objects. Although the marble floor has the characteristics of hard, in real life, the maintenance of marble floor should pay attention to avoid the falling of hard objects. We know that things falling freely have a great force, which is really a great harm to the floor. If the hard object is too heavy, it is likely to cause damage to the floor. So what we should pay attention to is to avoid the falling of hard objects.


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