Why choose marble to make lavabo mesa

2019-04-30 13:35:06


Marble has beautiful color, decorative pattern, has high compressive strength and good physical and chemical properties, with the application of marble is constantly improving, its design requirements are also improving.Among them bathroom lavabo is marble is very common expressional means, that why to choose marble to do mesa, what advantage has:

Advantages of marble countertops:

1, no deformation, marble hardness, wear resistance, uniform structure, line expansion coefficient is very small, the internal stress completely disappeared, no deformation.

2, long service life, marble table is not afraid of acid and alkali liquid erosion, will not rust, not easy to stick to dust, will not be affected by moisture, service life is very long.

3, the physical stability, no scratches, not by the constant temperature conditions to stop, at room temperature can also maintain its original physical properties.

4, natural texture, marble mesa atmospheric grace, very suitable for high-grade decoration.

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