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New Imperial Brown Granite slabs

Description of this New Imperial Brown Granite slabs Imperial Brown granite dark brown with open book vein. Top polished degreen. Slab Tile Used for Inner and outwall Luxary Building Material Tiles,B

Best Silver Pearl Granite

silver Pearl Granite name its light grey import from Norway! It will use in Kitchen countertop , Bathroom vanity top

Brasil Green Quartzite Amazon Green Quartzite honeycomb

Aluminum honeycomb plate is rolled by fluorocarbon coating on its surface, and in the middle is aluminum honeycomb which meets American aviation standards. With special cold pressing and hot pressing technology, aluminum honeycomb plate has the advantages of light weight, sound insulation, heat insulation, fire protection, environmental protection, non-fragile, rigid and strong non-deformable. Two layers of aluminium sheet are sandwiched with high strength and light strength aluminium honeycomb core, which forms the ideal sheet with very high smoothness and very small deformation. Because of its light weight and high strength, the maximum width of the composite structure sheet is 1500mm, and the flatness of the surface can still be maintained. Widely used in curtain wall decoration, interior decoration, roofing materials, elevator decoration, subway, high-speed rail, luxury car and ship interior, partition, etc. thickness: 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm